Secondary Teaching and Learning


The curriculum at St John Bosco College in Secondary is based on the Religious Education curriculum from the units of work as set out by the Archbishop of Perth and the Western Australian Curriculum. There is a balance between active engagement of students in authentic interests and these interests will be linked back into explicit teaching in all areas of the curriculum, with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy. Students will be provided with opportunities to develop their thinking skills by problem solving with real life situations using innovation, shared collaboration and digital technology. Opportunities are created to promote inquiry, reflection and feedback, continuous learning and growth and best educational teacher practice. The College provides a sound academic curriculum, including educational support and extension and specialist teachers.

Image of the Child 

          • We believe that each student is a unique individual who needs to develop emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. 
          • We believe in building a respectful and nurturing relationship with each individual student so they feel valued and heard. 
          • We believe our actions, attitude and teaching nurtures students to apply Gospel teachings and values in all they do. 

The Learning Process 

          • We believe in engaging students in authentic inquiry based learning and open-ended tasks so they can reach their full potential. This enhances their ability to think and research, and to manage and be responsible for their own learning. 
          • We value the knowledge and understanding students bring to the classroom, resulting in higher levels of engagement, motivation and productivity. 
          • We recognise there is the need for a well-balanced program including explicit teaching, with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy. 
          • We believe that all students can be curious, creative, critical, reflective and independent thinkers. 


          • We believe that the innovative learning spaces we create will inspire deep, purposeful and authentic experiences and develop a strong foundation and passion for life-long learning. 
          • We believe in creating a safe, contemporary, collaborative and technologically rich learning environment that focuses on a student-centered approach to learning. 
          • The College environment encourages collaboration and focuses on the students developing real-world skills as they discover the ‘Joy in Learning’. 


          • We believe that partnerships with students, families, staff and the parish are built on trust, respect and honesty. 
          • We strive to build relationships with families and other agencies, based on co-operation and a mutual respect for the reciprocal roles that each play in the lives of the student, recognising that families are the student’s first and most influential educators. 
          • We believe that partnerships with families provide us with invaluable information relating to each student and their interests, needs and cultural backgrounds. 


          • We believe that all members of our College community are equal contributors in creating a happy, safe and innovative learning environment that promotes continual growth and change. 
          • We believe in the importance of an inclusive community that embraces diversity. 
          • We acknowledge that all members of our College community are equal contributors in creating a happy, safe and innovative learning environment that promotes continual growth and change.
Assessment Practices

National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN)

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is an annual national assessment of all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. All students are expected to participate in the testing. They will be assessed in language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation), writing, reading and numeracy.

Learn more from the NAPLAN Online Parent Information Booklet.

View example Year 7 NAPLAN Assessments

View example Year 9 NAPLAN Assessments

Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA)

OLNA is an online literacy and numeracy assessment. It is an assessment that students need to pass to successfully meet the required standard in Literacy and Numeracy of Western Australian Year 12 graduation. Students who have not achieved Band 8 in the Year 9 component of the National (NAPLAN) are required to sit the OLNA. The assessments require students to demonstrate skills that are regarded as essential to meet the demands of daily life.

Here is a link to practice and sample assessment tasks:

k10outline – Practice and Example Tests (

GATE Enrichment Program

The GATE Enrichment program at St John Bosco College seeks to identify students with high academic potential and intellectual curiosity. The course is aimed at developing 21st Century skills in order to foster a joy or love of learning, as well as enhance performance in future study. Part of the course will involve creating an individual plan for each student, with specific developmental targets outlined. Participants will then design projects according to these goals and produce tangible products to meet them.

One further means of excelling for these students will be competing in state, national and even online international competitions where they will get the opportunity to challenge themselves and interact with people of similar ability. The overall purpose of the course is the cultivation of a student who is well equipped for tertiary education, confident in his or her own abilities and possesses capabilities necessary for success in the 21st century.

Learning Support

The Learning Support Co-ordinator works with the Subject Teachers, Year Co-ordinators, Community Hub Teachers, Education Assistants and Deans; to effectively provide individual Student Plans. These plans outline specific Instructional and Environmental Adjustments to help students achieve specific individual goals.

In conjunction with SWD consultants at the Catholic Education Office, students are provided integral support structures, that allow effective delivery of curriculum within the mainstream classroom. Support is available to all students at St John Bosco College, to allow a safe and supportive environment for all students to experience Joy in learning.

Instrumental Music Program

The Bosco Instrumental Music Program is available to all students in Secondary years and showcases weekly Guitar, Voice, Drums and Piano lessons. Our program encourages students to enjoy making music through engaging in the practice of Music , ensemble, as well as music theory, and aims to encourage student’s confidence, creativity, innovation and personal best.

The program allows students to take their instrumental and vocal studies to the next level and is lead by our four talented and experienced tutors.

All students involved in the instrumental program are invited to perform at the Bosco Performing Arts Night and selected students are also invited to perform at the annual Catholic Performing Arts Festival.

For more information or details on how to enrol, please contact the College Performing Arts
Co-ordinator Miss Kat Woodward at

Details of private music lessons will be posted on the College website each year.




Physical Education at St John Bosco College aims to develop a lifelong enjoyment of Sport and Physical activity. With the experiences gained through involvement in a wide range of sports and activities in curriculum lessons and through extra-curricular clubs. The College actively promotes a Health active lifestyle, with physical activity paying a pivotal role.

Students in Year 9 and above also have the opportunity to take part in sport based electives in addition to their main curriculum lessons.

  • House sporting events
  • Bosco Swimming Carnival 
  • Bosco Cross Country 
  • Bosco Athletics Carnival 
  • ACC Sporting events
  • ACC Swimming
  • ACC Cross Country
  • ACC Athletics
  • ACC Lightening Carnivals
  • SSWA Competitions
The Arts

Art Club

Freedom to experiment

Students have the opportunity to express themselves and their creativity in a safe and joyful environment. Students can create and socialize within different age groups. Art Club is a space for experiment and development. Students can practice their art skills and try out new techniques such as painting, drawing, decoupage, sculpture, clay work, papier mâché, fabric painting and more.

Bosco Band

The Bosco Band is an auditioned contemporary ensemble for students in Secondary. Comprising of a drummer, bass player, guitarist, pianist and singers, the Bosco Band is the most elusive musical ensemble and is the frontline for all Performing Arts events. Co-run by Miss Woodward and Miss Seymour the Bosco Band rehearses once a week for 45 minutes in the Ensemble Studio in the Savio Arts and Design Technology Learning Centre and showcases a range of contemporary repertoire. Auditions for band run at the commencement of the year and successful audion-ees are offered a position within the band for the calendar year to follow and perform at the College Learning Journey, Carnivale, Bosco Performing Arts Night and Christmas events.

Bosco Performing Arts Community (BPAC)

The Bosco Performing Arts Community is an extracurricular opportunity for students who enjoy Drama processes to extend their skills and knowledge. Weekly after school workshops give students from different year groups the opportunity to meet and develop their creativity skills through games, rehearsals, research and discussion. BPAC students work towards public performances including Easter liturgies, Christmas performances and a school play.

Secondary Choir

The Bosco Secondary Choir is an un-auditioned choir opportunity available to all students in Secondary. Solfa, ensemble work, musicianship, games and audition training are all vital components of the Secondary Choir rehearsals in preparation for more complex choral repertoire and multiple-part harmonies. The Secondary Choir rehearses once a week before school with Miss Woodward in the Dance and Drama Studio of the Savio Arts and Design Technology Learning Centre. Students choosing to undertake this extra-curricular ensemble are exposed to the beauty of choral voice and thrown into repertoire from around the world. 2022 has seen the Secondary Choir take on the added responsibility of performing as a Liturgical Vocal Ensemble at Sacramental events throughout the year.


Core Subjects

Secondary students at St John Bosco College study Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities & Social Sciences, Health & Physical Education. Italian is a compulsory subject in Year 7 to Year 8.

The College’s aim is to provide a transition structure enabling students to quickly adapt to a Secondary environment. As well as studying the compulsory subjects for a significant part of the week, students will experience elective subjects on a rotational basis, that will assist them to make informed subject choices in later years.

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Italian
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Digital Technology
  • Fine Arts
  • Home Sciences
  • Materials (Metalwork)
  • Musical Theatre
  • Digital Technology
  • Drama
  • Engineering
  • Home Sciences
  • Materials (Woodwork)
  • Media/ Dance
  • Academic Extension
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Digital and Design Technology
  • Drama
  • Film and Photography
  • Fine Art (Painting and Print)
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Forensic Science
  • Functional Form (Sculptures and Ceramics)
  • Italian
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Metalwork
  • Music Technology
  • Musical Theatre
  • Sports Education
  • Sports Science
  • Stirring the Pot (Australian Foods, Past Present and Future)
  • Street Dance
  • Woodwork

More information will be coming soon.

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