Annual Community Meeting

Principal Report – 2022

In keeping with the spirit of St John Bosco, whereby “education is largely a matter of the heart” that leads young people to “know that they are loved”, Bosco needs to be a community of today that is challenged to be: “a home that welcomes, a parish that evangelises, a College that prepares for life and a playground where friends meet and enjoy themselves”.

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Advisory Council Chairperson Report – 2022

The Building program continued although with a few delays. Stage 4C of the Library Resource Centre and Administration upgrade is looking amazing.

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Advisory Council Treasurer’s Report – 2022

St John Bosco College continues to be in a strong financial position, with a small anticipated trading result for the year of $308 thousand budget surplus.

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FSJB President Report – 2022

The Friends of St John Bosco is all about building our community spirit and bond, as well as raising funds for the ongoing growth and enhancement of the education and resources provided at St John Bosco College.

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