Annual Community Meeting

Principal Report – 2023

We have had many meaningful and significant opportunities for our Bosco students and staff in our ninth year and look forward to our milestone 10th year in 2024. We certainly have beautiful buildings such as the de Sales Library Resource Centre and the soon to be ready Mazzarello Sport and Recreation Centre, followed next year by our Bosco Canteen/Café.

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Advisory Council Chairperson Report – 2023

We can also see many transformations happening around the College. The building program is transforming the College, a lot of planning has happened as the College transforms to accommodate Year 11 and Year 12. This year, Stage 4C of the building program was finished and we saw the beautiful de Sales Library Resource Centre and Administration upgrade.

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Advisory Council Treasurer’s Report – 2023

I am honoured to present the Treasurer’s report for the 2023 fiscal year. I would like to acknowledge the exceptional effort and strategic vision of the Principal, Dean of Business, Dean of Finance, and the entire Leadership team. Their leadership has been instrumental in navigating the complexities of the 2023 financial year, ensuring that St John Bosco College continues to provide a high standard of education while maintaining financial stability.

Read the complete report here.

FSJB Chairperson Report – 2023

The Friends of St John Bosco has spent 2023 providing opportunities to bring our community together and continuing to fundraise for resources and improvements for St John Bosco College. It has been a privilege to continue to work alongside the College in these endeavours.

Read the complete report here.

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