Information Technology Services

Devices (BYOD)

Year 1 – Year 6

In Years 1 to Year 6, students at St John Bosco College are required to bring their own iPad and keyboard to class each day.

We would appreciate if you made sure that your child’s iPad meets the minimum requirements below:

    • iPad Air or iPad 7th Generation or greater
    • 128 GB
    • Uses a Lightning Connector for charging
    • Individual student Apple ID (separate from any other devices) set up via Family Sharing )separate from any other devices
    • Case: Your child’s iPad needs to be in a suitable case as iPads can easily get damaged. We recommend at a minimum the shock proof or the drop-proof cases.
    • Keyboard: As the iPad is used for both research and typing, a keyboard will provide students with more screen space and comfort when typing.

If your child already has an iPad, there is no need to purchase a new one as long as it meets the minimum requirements above. We also ask that you do not purchase an iPad mini as we have been advised that the system requirements are not compatible with online assessments.

  • Please click here for more information.



In Secondary, students at St John Bosco College are required to bring their own MacBook to class each day. 

The MacBook needs to meet the minimum requirements: 

    • MacBook Air 13-inch / Apple M1 Chip / 8GB / 256GB 
    • Students need to ensure their device is fully charged each day ready for learning. The use of technology is transforming the way teachers teach and has changed the learning landscape. At St John Bosco College, teachers are maximising the opportunities provided by the digital technologies available to them. 

Please note that students will not be able to access other programs that may be on their device whilst at the College. 

Students and parents will be required to sign an ICT agreement at the beginning of the College year. 

You may purchase the device yourself or the College has a relationship with JB HiFi and have a range of options available to families. To see these options, visit the website.

  • Please click here for the step-by-step instructions to order the device.
  • Please click here for the BYOD parent’s toolkit.
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