College Logo

The St John Bosco College logo was developed in consultation with the interim Board, the Parish Priest and the Foundation Principal. It is a modern re-working of a traditional ‘coat of arms’ – with the four quadrants coming together to create a contemporary ‘shield’.

Within each quadrant is an icon that relates directly to St John Bosco and his philosophy of education.

“Bosco’s teaching approach was based on love”

  • The heart at the top left embodies Bosco’s teaching approach which was based on love.
  • The cross at the top right is the most obvious symbol of the College’s Catholic identity which is at heart of what the College stands for. It will be the College’s Catholicity that sets it apart from other schools in the area.
  • The ‘book’ icon represents the bible but also the concepts of ‘learning’ and ‘education’.
  • The symbol of the tree is intended to represent “Bosco” whose literal translation means “woods”. The tree also refers to the location of the new College close to the bush of Piara Waters.
  • The white space between the four quadrants also creates a symbolic cross, tying the four elements together.
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