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2018 Staff List


Class Teaching Education Assistant
3 Year Old Program Mrs Angela Crane Miss Emily Roberts
Kindy Teal Miss Courtney Tetlow Miss Emily Roberts
Mrs Angela Jackson
Kindy Purple Mrs Angela Crane Mrs Nicola Baird
Miss Jessica Alcock
Pre-Primary Teal Mrs Vanessa Byrne Mrs Nicola Britton
Pre-Primary Purple Mrs Rebecca Catchpole Ms Kelly Glen
Year 1 Teal Miss Lucy Ricciardi Nicola Baird (Mon & Thurs)
Mrs Caitlin Wunhym (Tues, Wed & Fri)
Year 1 Purple Mrs Justine Bennett
Year 2 Teal Mrs Lisa Jordinson Mrs Bhindu Ramasundaram
Year 2 Purple Miss Emily Driscoll
Year 3 Teal Mrs Laura Oorschot Mrs Jessica Boatwright (Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri)
Miss Keely Kramer
Year 3 Purple Miss Amanda Oregioni
Year 4 Teal Mr Toby Millar Miss Melissa Riley
Mrs Janelle Bowles (Tues, Wed & Thurs)
Year 4 Purple Miss Lauren Bayley
Year 5 Teal Mrs Celine Pen
Year 5 Purple Mrs Kim Lewis
Music Specialist Kathryn Woodward (Mon & Tues)
Italain Specialist Ms Elizabeth Allan (Thursday and Friday)
Physical Education Specialist Mrs Kelly Rihan  
Staff Contact Officer Mrs Nicola Baird  
Occupational Health and Safety Officer Miss Melissa Riley  


  • OSHC Supervisor ~ Miss Valeria Campos
  • OSHC Educator ~ Mrs Maria Leonor & Mrs Lauren Petridis


  • Teacher ~ Mrs Tamara Lacroix
  • Family Liaison Officer ~ Ms Kylie Collard


  • Administration Officer ~ Mrs Maggie Burton (Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri)
  • Administration Officer ~ Mrs Karen Orchard (Mon, Wed and Fri)
  • Administration Officer ~ Mrs Anne Murphy (Tues, Wed and Fri)
  • Dean of Finance ~ Mrs Patricia Daniels (Tue, Wed, Thurs and Fri)


  • Student Learning Support Coordinator (Tues, Wed and Fri) ~ Ms Margaret Crommy
  • ICT ~ Miss Courtney Tetlow
  • Physical Education ~ Mrs Kelly Rihan
  • Geckos (Growing Enriched Cultural Knowledge in Our Schools) ~ Mr Toby Millar


  • Dean of Students (Pre-K-Year 2) ~ Mrs Sara Tonkin
  • Dean of Students (Years 3-6) ~ Miss Chrystal Leavers
  • Dean of Finance ~ Mrs Patricia Daniels
  • Principal ~ Mr Kevin Sheehy

Download a copy of the Names and Roles of College Staff.