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College Fee Schedule

SUMMARY OF COLLEGE FEES & CHARGES Pre-Kindergarten Kindergarten Pre-Primary to Year 2 Year 3 to Year 6
Tuition Fee $2,700 $798 $1,330 $1,330
Total Amenities and Levies   $310 $335 $335
Total College Fees per student (Per Year) $2,700 $1,108 $1,665 $1,665
Total Family Levies
(including Building Levy and Friends of St John Bosco Levy)
  $200 $306 $306
Extra Charges        
Occupational Therapy & Speech Assessments (Compulsory Charge)   $120    
Swimming (Compulsory Charge)       $125
** Total Amenities and Levies breakdown
ICT   $115 $115 $115
EXCURSION / INCURSION   $75 $100 $100
AMENITIES   $100 $100 $100
INSURANCE   $20 $20 $20

Tuition Fees Family Discounts (Kindergarten to Year 6)

Tuition fees for siblings of current College students are discounted at the following rates:

  • 2nd child 20%
  • 3rd child 40%
  • 4th child & beyond 100%

Please click here to download a copy of the Fee Schedule.

Please click here to download a copy of the 2020 Proposed Year 7 Fees and Charges Schedule (Subject to 2020 Budget Approval).

*Tuition fees for siblings of current school students are discounted at the following rates: second child 20%; third child 40%; fourth child 100%.

Health Care & Pensioner Concession Card Holders

Please contact the College Administration within two weeks of the commencement of Term 1 to check your eligibility for the CECWA HCC/PCC Discount Scheme. This scheme assists all families that hold a current Family Health Care Card or selected Pensioner.

Amenities Fee

An additional fee per student per annum is charged to cover the cost of art and craft materials, photocopying, book sets and other materials required in the classrooms.

Excursion / Incursion Fee

This fee per student per annum is charged to cover the cost of incursions, excursions, specialist lessons and bus travel.

ICT Levy

This contributes to the ICT infrastructure of the College and specialised hardware in the College as well as costs for insurance for the individual College devices.

Student Accident Insurance

All students will be covered by a comprehensive accident insurance policy which is paid for with this fee. This policy should not be considered as a replacement for private health insurance. Parents are to contact the College to make a claim.

Building Levy

Contributions towards this fund assist with the commitment towards capital facilities for your children. The Building Levy will be included on your account – please note this is an annual fee per family.

Learn more about the St John Bosco Terms of Payment.