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Annual Community Meeting

Principal Report - Nov 19 2018

I am delighted to share with you some of the highlights of our fourth year at St John Bosco College. I feel very blessed to work with a team of professional and nurturing staff, talented students and committed parents who have combined their talents to create a truly unique learning community at St John Bosco College.
Read the complete report here.

Board Chairperson Report - 2018

The Catholic School Board Constitution states that the Board’s general objective is to help the Catholic school fulfil its educational responsibilities in accordance with the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA) and the Diocesan religious education program.
Read the complete report here.

Board Treasurer's Report - 2018

On behalf of the St John Bosco College Board, I will now present to you the Treasurer’s Report for 2018.
I wish to recognise the enormous efforts put in by our Dean of Finance Trish Daniels. Trish works tirelessly to ensure the College’s financial position is always clear.
Read the complete report here.

FSJB President Report - 2018

It was a new year for us all and it came with a lot of changes throughout the year. However, a lot of ‘joy in learning’ took place for the Friends of St John Bosco!
The focus for 2018 was ‘Friend-Raising’ and it has been great to get to know so many lovely members of our College community.
Read the complete report here.