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Annual Community Meeting

Principal Report - Nov 20 2017

I am delighted to share with you some of the highlights of our third year at St John Bosco College. I am truly blessed to work with a team of dedicated, professional and nurturing staff, talented students and committed parents who have combined their talents to create a truly unique learning community at St John Bosco College.
Read the complete report here.

Board Chairperson Report - 2017

As we conclude our third year of operation at St John Bosco College, this Annual Community Meeting is a significant occasion in the life of the College.
At St John Bosco College, we encourage positive and strong relationships with our parent Community and our Annual Community Meeting is an opportunity to come together. Tonight, is an opportunity to look back on 2017 with you all and to elect both the Friends of St John Bosco Executive and the Board for the coming year. For those new to the College community we certainly hope you find tonight insightful.
Read the complete report here.

Board Treasurer's Report - 2017

On behalf of the St John Bosco College Board, I will now present to you the Treasurer’s Report for 2017.
Firstly, I wish to recognise the enormous efforts put in by our Finance Officer Trish Daniels. Trish works tirelessly to ensure the College’s financial position is clear at all times. This year has seen the beginning of the transition from a cash reporting to accrual reporting with the first task being the establishment of the College asset register. Working alongside a delegate from CEWA finance division Trish has been able to get the task completed. As we move towards the end of the year, Trish has undertaken training in readiness for the change from Maze to Leading Lights as the accounting system for 2018 and beyond. .
Read the complete report here.

FSJB President Report - 2017

Well we had another exciting year of ‘friend raising”. Our 3rd year in and what a year 2017 was!
Firstly, I would like to thank the Friends Executive for 2017, Jodi Brewer, Cassi Crossen, Joanne Della Maddelena and Katherine Jolley for all their hard work this year.
Read the complete report here.